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Front Street Cycle to the rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got my survival package from Craig today. Bars are beautiful. Fender is top notch. Got a killer magneat-o! cap, axle and a t-shirt for Christine and some wonderful stickers and buttons. One sticker will be proudly displayed on my truck window, and a button on my coat. This was the first of two packages enroute to the shop. Next, is a tasty oiltank, and some wheel bearings. I did however find out that the axle clamps are incorrect on the right side, but nothing a little ingenuity on the lathe and some die grinder time can’t solve. The kid in the picture is my younger brother, who brought his bike over for a quick servicing. Lube cables, replace tire tubes, clean chain and overall once over. He left a happy kid, but he’s always been a happy guy. Glad to spend some time with him to help him out.

finally rolling!

Had some success at the Red Deer swap yesterday. Found some little trinkets there…all of which add up. Just waiting anxiously for Front Street Cycle’s fender, chumps, and oil tank.

I love when parts arrive.

Because it gives me something to do.


Damn well better be, after 4 hours of shaving, sanding and polishing.

well, its something…

Still waiting on parts, but made use of the time waiting making a mount for the rear master cylinder. Drill a hole here, a hole there, finish weld it, call it done.

Finish cleaning up the welds on the rear pipe, and enjoy the positioning of it.

Also spent some time making an adapter for the fork legs when it comes time to give them a shave and a shine. I didn’t take a picture of the end result, because I forgot. The small end goes in the bottom of the leg, and the larger end is open for the live center to keep the leg spinning straight.