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Teaser time!!!

002003004005007Brett has been waiting patiently…and its time to reward him for it…


polished and ready to go by the end of this week!!!


Should get back to the tank by the weekend as well.


Finally, something fun around here!!!

003004005006The tank was sent to me via Brett Logan aka Logan Design Works…

late model sporty tank – check.

fuel injected – check.

lots of head scratching – check.


Fork legs will be next on the agenda.

cleaning up around the shop…






guess its time to finish it off and paint it…


I found this little fella…

how I spent my saturday…

winemaking1winemaking2Frisco invited me over to his parent’s house today…his dad, uncle, brother and himself were making wine from scratch. It’s quite an amazing process, all made in the tradition way. Stomping on the grapes, to the equipment used to make the juices. I had a glass of pure grape juice…holy shit its sweet! And delicious. But be careful, drink too fast, it acts as a natural laxative. I was nursing that juice as slow as humanly possible. Had a few glasses of last years wine, delicious. Stopped for some homemade sandwiches his mom made, ate some stinky cheese and went back to work…aka standing to the side.


Watching these guys work, merely saying more than two words, each knowing exactly what the next was doing was truly mesmerizing. I can’t wait until November 14th, when the wine is ready.


Thanks again for the laughs!

getting the itch…

005Vintage Motorcycle Photographsthis is the best way I can think of to scratch it…

time to start the hunt…slowly, and of course, carefully.


022023Made these passenger peg mounts for Frisco`s lady, and then decided to spin up some aluminum and polish them to a shine…just to match her engagement ring.